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Erasmus+ Short-term blended traineeships for doctoral students

Erasmus+ Short-term blended traineeships combine a short physical mobility with a virtual component facilitating collaborative online learning exchange and teamwork. At Jagiellonian University, this Programme is dedicated to doctoral students only - participants of Doctoral Schools and doctoral studies, also within 12 months from completing education (recent graduates). Virtual componenet for doctoral students is optional.

Rules of the Short-term blended traineeship for doctoral students at Jagiellonian University.

Short-term blended traineeship carried out as part of the KA131-2022 project must be completed by July 31st 2024.

Recruitment for the Erasmus+ Short-term blended Traineeship Programme is continuous and will take place until Erasmus+ National Agency funds are exhausted for the current mobility project. A doctoral student interested in undertaking a traineeship is required to send a recruitment application within a period not exceeding 45 days from the planned beginning date of the traineeship. A doctoral student interested in completing a graduate traineeship is required to submit a recruitment application within a maximum of 45 days of the planned graduation date. 


Qualification criteria

Only applicants who have submitted the required documents, Learning Agreement for Traineeship (short-term blended traineeship) and Candidate Questionnaire, and completed the application form will be admitted for recruitment. Formal criteria include a description of the purpose of the traineeship and knowledge of the language in which the traineeship will be carried out (indicated in the Candidate Questionnaire) and submission of the Learning Agreement for Traineeships. If the formal criteria are fulfilled, the doctoral student will receive the decision of the Selection Committee via e-mail within 14 working days from submitting the application form. 

To submit a recrutiment application, please provide the following documents to the International Students Office (via e-mail to titled "Erasmus+ Short-term blended traineeship" or in person to the International Students Office): 

1. Learing Agreement for Traineeships (short-term blended traineeships) - part Before the Mobility. The document constitutes an agreement on the traineeships programme and should be prepared in English. Required fields to be completed: table with doctoral student's data on the first page of the document (Trainee), data of sending institution (Sending Institution) and the data of the receiving institution (Receiving organisation/Enterprise). The document must contain the three required signatures in the table on the last page: signature of the doctoral student (Trainee), signature of the representative of the Jagiellonian University unit of the doctoral student (responsible person at the sending institution) - i.e. the Head of studies / Dead of the Faculty / Head of the Doctoral School / Supervisor at the Doctoral School or doctoral studies / Head of the Doctoral Programme / PhD Programme and signature of the representative of the receiving institution (responsible person at the receiving institution).

2. Candidate Questionnaire. The document must be completed and signed by a doctoral student and signed by a representative of the Jagiellonian University unit of a doctoral student - i.e. Head of Studies / Dean of the Faculty / Head of the Doctoral Programme / PhD programme / Head of the Doctoral School. 

3. Completion of the online application form is required.

The base amounts of the individual support for Short-term blended traineeship for doctoral students are (regardless of the country of traineeships) EUR 70 per day up to the 14th day of activity and EUR 50 per day from the 15th to the 30th day of activity. Additionally, doctoral students may receive a top-up amount for travel support as follows.

Doctoral students qualified for the Erasmus+ Short-term blended traineeships Programme must fulsil the following formalities and sign a financial agreement with Jagiellonian University up to 14 days before the planned date of departure for traineeship. 

Documents listed below must be prepared before signing the financial agreement. Documents must be delivered 14 days before the planned start date of the traineeship to the International Students Office (via e-mail to or in-person to the Internaitonal Students Office. Please send the complete set of documents in one email, titled "Erasmus+ short-term blended traineeships". 


Which documents are required before signing a financial agreement?

1. The Bank Details Form is filled out on a computer, printed and signed. A document must be completed by hand to be accepted. Doctoral students must indicate the bank account number in EURO currency to which the allowance will be transfered. It is impossible to indicate a bank account maintained in PLN or other currency since the scholarship is paid in EURO. The indicated account may be kept in a Polish or foreign bank, and the account's owner must be the person participating in the traineeship. 

2. Learing Agreement for Traineeship (short-term blended traineeships) - Before the Mobility part (to be provided if changes have occurred concerning the LAT Before the Mobility submitted at the recruitment stage). 

3. Statement document that confirmts: 

  • Three mandatory insurance coverage categories, valid in the country where the traineeship will be carried out for the entire period of the trainee's stay abroad. The compulsory coverage categories are medical expenses, accident insurance, and liality insurance. 
  • Completing the language test on the EU ACADEMY website to assess the language's command in which the traineeship will be conducted. Doctoral students should get familiarised with the instructions for logging in and taking the test. First, log in to the EU ACADEMY, enter English Learning Community and Resources, join the Community (Go to Community) and take the Placement Test. After logging into your EU Academy account, click the profile icon to find the "My certificates" / "My achievements" tab. After clicking the tab, you can reach the generated certificate with your grade (A1-C2). Completing the language test is optional for those whose language of traineeship is their mother tongue. 
  • [applies only to Polish citizens or doctoral students insured under the National Health Fund - NFZ] European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by the National Health Fund (NFZ). The card is valid only in the countries of the European Union and covers only certain medical services. EHIC card is optional for traineeship in countries that are not part of the EU and do not honour the EHIS card (e.g. Turkey). 
  • [Applies to Polish citizens only] Register your departure for a Traineeship in the Odyseusz portal
  • Familiarise with the Erasmus Student Charter


Signing the financial agreement

After delivering all the required documents, a doctoral student is required to sign a financial agreement. The agreement specifies in detail the terms of the traineeship and the financial scholarship. The financial agreement should be signed no later than 14 days before the planned first day of the traineeship.

The financial agreement is signed at the International Students Office, located at the Centre for Academic Support at Ingardenta 6 in Kraków. The date of signing the agreement should be arranged in advance with the Internaitonal Students Office (e-mail: 

In special cases (e.g., absence in Poland, longer stay outside Kraków), the financial agreement may be signed remotly. In this case, the financial agreement is made available online for the outbound person to sign and send its hard copies by mail to the Internaitonal Students Office.

Doctoral student may extend their stay on the Short-term blended traineeship pif they obtain permission from the host institution. The extended funding period is up to 30 days from the start of the traineeship. 

To extend the traineeship, a Learning Agreement for Traineeship (short-term blended traineeships) document should be drafted - During the Mobility part. In the document, the start date of the mobility and the anticipated end date of the mobility (after the extension) must be indicated. The document must be signed and stamped by the host institution and then sent as a scan to the International Students Office's email address: 

IMPORTANT: If the insurance (EHIC card, medical expenses, accident insurance, liability insurance) does not cover the extended period of stay abroad, the trainee is required to arrange for an EHIC card and additional insurance, which will cover the entire extended period of the traineeship. Proof of these insurance coverage categories should be emailed to the Internaitonal Students Office along with the Learning Agreement During the Mobility document. 

Upon receipt of the document(s), the International Students Office draws up an annex to the funding agreement for the extended funding period. The annex is made available to students via a link to the online folder. The annex must be printed in duplicate and signed with a date of receipt of the annex from the International Students Office. Then, both hard copies of the document should be sent by mail or courier service to the:

Dział Obsługi Studentów Zagranicznych

Centrum Wsparcia Dydaktyki

Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie

ul. Ingardena 6

30-060 Kraków




Within 14 days of returning from the traineeship, a doctoral student must settle their traineeship with the Internaitonal Students Office. By this date, the following documents must be submitted via email as scans (to or in-person to the Internaitonal Students Office: 

1. The Learning Agreement for Traineeship - After the Mobility section. The document must be signed and stamped by the host institution. IMPORTANT: The same dates of the traineeship must be named in the document as those declared in the LAT Before the Mobility part submitted before the departure or the LAT During the Mobility part (for those who have extended their mobility and signed an annex to the financial agreement). 

2. Travel document (completed and signed) with attachments - tickets, bills. Please read rules of travel financinf at the JU (including green travel). 

3. IMPORTANT: It is mandatory to complete the Participant Survey, to which the doctoral student will receive a link via email after the Short-term blended traineeships.