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Outgoing students

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Erasmus+ Partner Countries (KA171) outgoing

International Students Office is announcing a call for applications for student mobilities within the framework of the Erasmus+ Partner Countries Programme. The mobility shall be implemented in the winter semester of the academic year 2022/2023.

We offer scholarships to study in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and the USA.


Deadline for submission of applications is on 29 March 2022. Documents should be submitted via e-mail to the International Students Office at:

Candidates may apply for only one mobility. It is obligatory to indicate in the motivational letter to which university the candidate is applying.

Results shall be announced by 8 April 2022. All applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application.

In order to obtain more information, please contact:

Selection of outgoing students for the Erasmus+ KA107 Programme is carried out on a university-wide level by the International Students Office.

Information about the open recruitments will be sent to al. students and PhD candidates via university mailing list. This information will be also posted on the Office’s official Facebook page.

In order to apply for the scholarship the following documents should be submitted in the International Students Office:


  • certificate of student’s weighted mean grade from the entire course of study issued by the secretary office of the institute/faculty
  • language certificate/diploma of at least B2 level
  • motivation letter in English stating the purpose of the mobility
  • certificates of additional scientific activity (active participation in conferences, published articles, activity in a scientific research group) – additional criterion

PhD candidate:

  • copy of a higher education diploma/ diplomas with at least ‘good’ grade
  • academic achievements certificates (published articles, active participation in conferences etc.)
  • Language certificate/ diploma of at least B2 level
  • letter of recommendation issued by the supervisor or by an academic teacher
  • letter of motivation in English stating the purpose of the mobility and its relation to the PhD candidate’s field of research or subject of the doctoral thesis

Signed and completed declaration concering previous participation in the Erasmus+ Programme. To be downloaded here

All the students and PhD Candidates are obliged to submit the online application form available here

Current and updated selection criteria are available here.

Jagiellonian University offers scholarships for semester mobilties. As a rule, it is not possible to extend the mobility.

The exchange must be a minimum of 3 months (90 days). If the mobility shall last less than 90 days, then the Participant will be obliged to return the allocated scholarship.

Before the start of the mobility nominated candidates need to fulfil the following conditions:

  • sign a grant agreement (financial contract) in the International Students Office. These agreements will be signed within deadlines established by ISO. Grant agreement is signed in two copies, one copy is given to the Participant.
  • deliver bank details form (the account has to be in euro)
  • deliver a copy of health insurance (the insurance has to be valid in the country of the host university and it has to cover the whole duration of the mobility)
  • deliver signed Learning Agreement for Studies (‘Before the mobility’ part). LAS has to be signed by the Participant, faculty/ institute coordinator of the JU and by the coordinator of the host university. 

The scholarship will be awarded only after all of the above mentioned conditions have been met. Please be informed that the scholarship is not transferred automatically. Therefore, nominated candidates should complete all the formalities in a timely manner.

The Erasmus+ grant will be paid in two instalments (70% and 30%). The instalments are calculated on the basis of the total amount of the grant, thus total amount of monthly individual support + travel support.

The first instalment is paid before the start of the mobility, provided the Participant has fulfilled all formalities on time.

The second instalment is paid after the mobility has terminated and the Participant has successfully settled all the formalities and has received recognition.

The amount of the scholarship is calculated on the basis of the duration of the stay at the partner university (number of days during which the participant has to be present at the host institution) in accordance to the Mobility Tool+ calculator. After the end of the mobility, the Participant has to deliver to the International Students Office confirmation of stay.

If the duration of the mobility will be 5 days shorter than the foreseen duration, then the number of remaining days will be deducted from the amount of the second instalment.

The University does not provide any additional financial support for health insurance, visa or legalization of stay.

After the mobility has terminated, the Participant is obliged to settle all the formalities in the International Students Office and in the sending institute/faculty.

Settling all the formalities is obligatory and is a condition that has to be met in order to receive the second instalment of the grant.

In order to settle the exchange the following documents should be delivered to the International Students Office:

  • Learning Agreement for Studies (all parts have to completed and signed by the Participant and by both coordinators)
  • Confirmation of stay (the document has to reflect the actual dates of the mobility)
  • Transcript of records (only if it has been issued by the hosting university)

All of the above mentioned documents need to be delivered in hard copy.

Participants who have carried out a research stay during their mobility should also deliver a written certificate stating the successful completion of the research stay.

All the Participants will receive an automatic request to fill in an online participant’s report. The report will be automatically sent to the e-mail address of the student/PhD candidate. Submitting the survey is obligatory.

Participants should settle all the formalities within 14 days of the date of the last day of the mobility. This deadline can be extended upon the Participant’s written request.