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Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)

Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs) are short intensive programmes on selected scientific topics that use innovative teaching methods. BIPs are organized in cooperation between several (at least three) universities that are affiliated with the Erasmus+ programme.

BIPs consist of a virtual part (BIP participants from different universities participate together in online classes) and an in-person part (BIP participants from different universities meet at one of the universities for a minimum of 5 days for joint courses.) BIP programmes are offered to BA, MA and PhD students.

Qualification for the BIP Programme is carried out by individual JU units (Faculty, Institute, Doctoral School). The BIP qualification criteria and Rules for JU students are available here.

Before the mobility for BIP, the student is required to sign a financial contract at the International Students Office (ISO). The contract specifies the amount of the scholarship. The signing of the financial contract takes place at the ISO or in justified cases by correspondence. The participant will be informed of the date of signing of the contract by the ISO.


A set of three mandatory documents has to be submitted while signing the financial contract:

  • Learning Agreement for Blended Intensive Programme - Before the Mobility section. Complete Part I of the document, i.e. Before the Mobility (Table A and Table B) and obtain the required signatures. In Table A, indicate the name of the BIP, the duration of the programme, and the ECTS credits. Table B indicates how the course will be recognized at the home unit (e.g. as an entry in the supplement/as course credit/as an additional course).
  • Bank Details Form. The document must be completed on the computer, printed, and signed by hand. You must provide only one account number and confirm that it is in EURO.
  • BIP Statement. The student declares in it:
    • ​having an EHIC card valid for the entire period of the Erasmus+ BIP mobility (applies only to Polish citizens and people insured under the National Health Fund). Having an EHIC card is optional for mobilities in countries that are not part of the EU and do not accept the EHIC card (e.g. Turkey).
      having insurance: medical costs and accidents, which is valid for the entire period of stay in the country where Erasmus+ mobility will be carried out
      registration of the trip on the Odyseusz portal (applies only to Polish citizens).
      familiarizing yourself with the Erasmus+ Student Card
      used mobility capital of the Erasmus+ Program


The amount of the scholarship for the BIP mobility corresponds to the length of stay and is paid after the signing of the financial agreement. Each day of stay is funded at the following rates.

Amount of daily scholarship for stays of 5 to 14 days: € 70/day.
Amount of daily scholarship for stays of 15 to 30 days: €50/day.


An increase in the scholarship amount is available to students who received a social scholarship in any semester of the 2022/2023 academic year and to students with a certificate of disability. The amount of the allowance is:

  • for the BIP mobilities between 5-14 days length: 100€
  • for the BIP mobilities between 15-30 days length: 150€.


Students can receive an allowance for the use of low-emission means of transport (Green Travel) of €50 and funding for up to four days of travel (if the trip takes place on days other than BIP). Travel by low-emission means of transport must be round trip by public transport (bus, train) or by car (carpooling - minimum two passengers). Participants traveling by air/car (solo) will be granted an additional lump sum for a maximum of 2 days on the trip, provided the trip takes place on days other than BIP. The payment of the Green Travel allowance or a lump sum for a maximum of 2 days of travel is based on the provision of a declaration of travel made and, if public transport (train, bus, plane) is used, also on the provision of tickets for the return journey.



The scholarship is paid in two instalments: 

The 1st instalment is the entire scholarship (including the "lower chances" allowance - if applicable) and is paid after the signing of the financial agreement at the ISO. 
The 2nd instalment is the allowance for financing travel days (green travel - if applicable) and is paid upon return to Poland and completion of all formalities related to the settlement of mobility at the ISO.

The BIP participant is required to provide the documents listed below up to 30 days after the end of the mobility to the International Students Office or by email to:

  • Confirmation of Stay or document confirming the dates of mobility at the partner university
  • Learning Agreement for Blended Intensive Programme - After the mobility (Table D)
  • Transcript of Records (ToR) or Certificate or Learning Agreement for Blended Intensive Programme - After the Mobility (Table C) (one of the documents listed)
  • Declaration of travel and tickets for the journey to and from the partner university (if travelling by train, bus or plane)
  • confirmation by e-mail of completion of the Participant Survey (the survey will be sent automatically from the Beneficiary Module portal at the end of the mobility)